SMDC Cheer Residences - AMENITIES

The majestic tower offers a resort-like lifestyle to its residents. The world-class amenities it has is one thing it has to be admired for and the excellent services are not to be ignored either; 24 hour security, CCTV, the front desk and the property management services are there all to ensure that the residents are at comfort.

The residence offers its residents a chance to invest at the comfort of their homes. The ground floor is set aside for commercial purposes. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot stand the idea of working under someone. The fact that this residence is strategically located in the town proper makes businesses here boom.

There is a lot to tell about Cheer Residences that if all were to be put down, everyone would run their now. Cheer Residences is the best place to live for those who want a life of style and success. SMDC being the top developers in the country knew what exactly the Philippines have been yearning for.

These stylish homes have been fully furnished just to simplify their inhabitants lived. There is no hustle of buying furniture and all sorts of things just because one is moving into a new home. But there is always room to add a person's liking and taste in their homes. The finishing is one to be amazed with.

Some homes are semi furnished on order to give the resident an opportunity to make their home home-like. There is something for everyone and that is why the residents' tastes are put into consideration.

Cheer Residences has world-class facilities in order to to make the residents feel at home. The ever efficient elevators are strategically placed in order to serve the residences. In addition to that, the standby generator are strategically positionedĀ  in order to diligently serve the residents just as it should. There are four to five elevators on every tower of the residence in order to make the residents live a five star life.

The automatic fire detector and alarm system ensure the security of Cheer residents both physically and propertywise.
Life in Cheer Residences is heaven on earth life. There residents get to enjoy resort-like amenities at their doorsteps hence there is no more going to the overcrowded amenities downtown. The cool inviting water in the swimming pool is one not to miss. Instead of watching movies the whole day why not do some exercise at the comfort of your home? Maybe this is what these creative developers thought of because swimming is the best recreational activity leaving one healthy both in mind and in shape.
The kids are taken care of in the best way ever. They have their own swimming pool and a children play area. Yes, play is that important for the kids.

The legendary Cheer Residences offer the best homes to the young people, singles and for young families. The plan of the homes allows for free movement in the home there suitable for the mentioned people. To say the very least, Green Residences is all things; beautiful and romantic. It is intimate in a quaint, non-screaming way and this is why it is the perfect place to spend most of your life.

Most importantly, Cheer Residences, just as the name suggests, offers the most exciting experience to its residences. The walls are there to cushion themĀ  from the stressful world by bringing comfort and joy in their lives in an unimaginable way. All these invigorating recreational amenities and the world-class facilities all are aiming to create the perfect world for the residences.

  • Clubhouse
  • Central Park
  • Children's Wading Pool
  • 24-hour security
  • Centralized Garbage Collection and Disposal System
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Entrance Water Feature
  • Adult Pool
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Standby Generator Set for Common Areas & Select Unit Outlets 
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